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Honeylicious Squeeze bottle, straight from Crete, Greece. Pure, Authentic, and delicious taste. Honey as one of nature’s greatest all-natural healers, honey has been used as a home remedy for thousands of years. 

HONEYLICIOUS】 - Greek Wild Forest and Thyme Pure Honey Squeeze Jar bottle - Fresh Greek Honey - 16oz (1lb)

ORIGINAL HONEY 】- Our Honey is premium Greek honey, from Martha Cretan Island, Greece. Natural Greek Honey & Honey Greek features a uniquely bold flavor.

GREEK FAVORITE】-The sweet dessert harvest Greek island honey is a beautiful simple pure honey caramel color, with an intense herbal blossom aroma and a thick, smooth texture.

FOR COOKING】 - this wonderfully aromatic Greek honey, honey jar hive is perfect pure honey syrup for Milk thyme tea, breads, as a sugar substitute and on vegetables , stews, salad dressings, desert and more, due to its herbal fresh flavor - a little goes a long way

PURE HONEY】 - Great supplement for support your immunity system Honey Dispenser type Products Container Honey Bottle Pack Filtered Honey with sweet thymes