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Greek Essential Olive Oil: Teleport into an ancient Greek taverna with a spoon of our polyphenols rich extra virgin olive oil cold pressed organic, harvested from the stunning Martha Village

Euphoric Greek Taste: Dress any cuisine with this delightfully smooth organic extra virgin olive oil that harnesses the traditional peppery flavor, just how the Cretans have enjoyed it for centuries

A Healthier Tomorrow: Using the authentic extraction method, we have secured the vital nutrients and antioxidants in our Greek olive oil from Greece. The longevity of Cretan inhabitants is no accident

Thoughtfully curated: We have sealed our top-grade organic olive oil extra virgin cold pressed in a convenient glass bottle printed with a motivating scale for you. Enjoy your oil without any mess

No Quality Compromised: Feed your soul and coat your taste buds with real olive oil ‘Oliveoilogy’. A cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil high in polyphenols from Crete, Greece. Non-GMO

Medlicious Foods is a new brand dedicated to providing its highest quality Greek olive oil from Crete, 'Oliveoilogy'. We believe in empowering customers to make decisions about what they put in their bodies. Hence, introducing this amazing organic olive oil cold pressed on the marvelous Cretan Island and then transferred into a spectacular bottle with nothing else except love. We feel confident to say that our extra virgin olive oil organic lives up to the highest standards as only the most accomplished processes are undertaken to deliver this gourmet olive oil. Greece olive oil has the richest source of mono-unsaturated fats and is a miraculous source of nutrients. The Cretan diet is known to be one of the healthiest diets in the world, attributed to its wild use of evoo olive oil. The premium quality peppery and sweet olive oil is enough to breathe life into your meals, dignify the elegance of your kitchen shelf, and beautify the dining table. With only a spoonful of this 'authentic olive oil extra virgin organic cold pressed' we aim to transport our customers to an ancient Greek era. Thanks to the idyllic topography of Crete which is blessed with fantastic biodiversity, a modern climate, and Greek sunshine that provide a truly superior taste, total body resilience, and a vitality boost. To allow you to experience the taste of best olive oil extra virgin, 5000 years ago, Cretans made an effort, to tame the olive trees where they turned the wild olive trees into trees that could be cultivated. As a tradition, Cretan families still gather in winter to collect olives and send them for processing. A tradition that passes on from generation to generation. The olives used for Oliveoilogy are also grown on the same centuries-old trees in Crete. So, awaken your senses with Oliveoilogy's organic extra virgin greek olive oil, and maintain your health while enjoying the taste. You will tell your friends where you got this mini Greek olive oil bottle (500ml)!